The Story of the Damascus Drum

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Daud is a successful trader from the island of Arwad, Takla a young cook in the famous Convent of Seydnaya, and Shams, an old billy goat from the hills above Damascus. The Damascus Drum takes them on a journey in time, space, and beyond through the Syrian landscape of the 19th century. It is a journey of love and self-discovery, an adventure replete with villains and heroes, life and death, fools and wisdom people, and a lot of goats...

What the readers are saying...

"It resonates at the heart of every question, to the deep arterial wells of satisfaction."

-Charles Verey, gentleman, artist and writer, Oxfordshire

"It is a work of true beauty in every sense from the writing and the sublime meanings inherent therein to the production and the cover."

  • Edward Hallinan, author of Mary: Queen of the Palace, Mistress of the House

" An intimate, friendly style of story-telling, an intriguing set-up and strewn with arresting insights and delightful turns of phrase. I shall linger with this one and savour it slowly. It has a sweet and seductive fragrance! "

-Tony Boyd, Web Wizard, California

"I loved it, especially the love and grandeur that shone through its later stages... it is very hard to pull off a text that works on so many levels: a straight story, set in the eighteenth century, with some modern language and some antiquated, a spiritual teaching story out of Arabian Nights or Rumi, a love story set in a Middle East culture but also modern, and it works in all the important places... I couldn't put it down."

-David Hyams, Architect, Oxford

"Now that we have both finished the tale of the Damascus Drum we don't know what to do with ourselves. Unlike some stories that start well but eventually disappoint, this was a fantastic read throughout and like a very good meal left us content and savouring the aftertastes."

-Julie and Graham Dry, Gloucestershire

"I have just finished Damascus Drum which I read over two days - I could not put it down. It is wise and funny - and the most wonderful cooking lesson! Another story soon please!"

-Fra Carroll, Travel Consultant, London

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