Publication date mid-September 2021 – details to follow

An Ark In The Flood Of Time -

Chronicling the Further Adventures of Satanaya the Circassian

(371 pp, Hakawati Press,TD9 0AN, Hawick. U.K. - ISBN 978-0-9569552-2-7)

An Ark in the Flood of Time tells a tale of Satanaya and Mustafa as dark clouds of war descend over Ottoman lands in the early 20th Century. Loves are won and lost, empires dissolve and countries are formed, only to disappear again; identities change as frontiers fall between cities and hearts as fast as fortunes on the roulette wheel. All life is swept up in time’s unstoppable current, to be reborn on new and unknown shores...

“There is only one thing to hold onto when all else fails: the being, the existence, the one, God, love, beauty, whatever you call it, however it comes: by taste, intellect, a feeling or a movement of the heart – this is the human reality. You, Satanaya, be certain that it is your boat, your ark, in this flood of time”.

‘An astonishing achievement by a master wordsmith, a sensuous tale of love,honour and intrigue in the wake of collapsing empires leaving the reader enriched and wiser’ – Richard Gault, Beshara Magazine.

‘Beautiful, feisty Satanaya the chef leads us by ancient mystical philosophy through the conflicts of the dying Ottomon Empire. Warmhearted...simmering... humorous... with passages of lyrical beauty in the darkest situations.’ – Elaine Henderson, Potter, B.A.Hons. GSA.